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Top-Shelf: Language and Empire.

A-B--B-A, thanks, I recall your earlier post re Balance, and Logic.
This time too I had to look-up, = "top-shelf".
Language is important when defining terms, just collecting little bits. The 2 links below have very informative articles on the role /influence of languages. In the 1st one the author sympathizes with the eastern perspective.
Language and Empire: My Language, Your Prison, by Dr. Thorsten Pattberg

For an understanding of the financial crisis, the dis'balance, the use of trickery (magic?) & manipulation to usurp people's wealth, read - "The Politics of Language and the Language of Political Regression" - by Prof. James Petras

caution, its a human (not leftist) perspective, ~ ~

I had posted these links on another thread, posted here for your perusal. Enjoy.