Comment: I was at my local GOP meeting

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I was at my local GOP meeting

I was at my local GOP meeting when the lawsuit was announced. Of course it was announced that, "Ron Paul is suing Arkansas" which is absolutely untrue to begin with.

All I know is, there were very loud, audible gasps when it was announced and I saw grown people go into panic mode.

One of our supporters stated that there has been wrongdoing on behalf of the RNC and nobody there denied it. They were upset, I guess, because there really hadn't been any shenanigans in my state that I know of.

Until now. Apparently people are being called names at GOP meetings in my state after winning delegate spots.

It's that kind of intimidation that we're fighting. It's that kind of misbehavior that is making people gasp, because they know it won't go unchecked anymore.

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