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It would benefit us to

It would benefit us to understand her target audience is not us. She uses words the average MSM viewer sees as negative..."infiltrate", "insurgent", and chooses a guest that rips apart all of our accomplishments. Yet somehow this makes the front page, when real information like Adam interviewing Penny Freeman(a 10 year employee of Dr Paul) was ignored, buried, and/or erased.

I don't necessarily need a majority to agree with me, but it would warm my heart if people looked beyond the surface of how certain folks interpret and promote certain things, and consider the bigger picture.

Madcow is a vile human being hellbent on ridiculing liberty and anything that isn't leftist, who laughed about the death of innocent Palestinians on the air, and there are many posts far more worthy of the front page whether I like them or not. I'm just an individual with an opinion, but I believe it will resonate with others. Peace and liberty, my friends.