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Comment: And that's without Gary

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And that's without Gary

And that's without Gary Johnson in the poll. He tends to take about 3-4 points from Romney and 1-2 from Obama right now, enough to really throw a couple of states to Obama. His effect could be big enough that he could allow Obama to win every state. Probably not, but if he were to increase his numbers to 15%, I don't know how Romney could win anything at all.

Of course, a lot of people saying they will vote for Obama will do a last minute exodus to someone else. And a lot of people are doing the brave "yes, I WILL vote for Obama again" face, but in private will likely end up saying "aw screw it", so I wouldn't take this poll as anything too serious. Every other poll has them very close and some have Romney up.

Still, this was ALWAYS the problem. People who know Romney don't really like him that much. And we got to know Romney in 2008 and decided we just don't care for him. He was about to have his butt handed to him by Huckabee, as the more the race went on, the more people liked Huckabee's pleasant, real, folksiness, and diskliked Romney's "spoiled rich junior" attitude.

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