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The Iowa Chairman has stated he does not 'anticipate" Ron Paul being nominated. WHAT?! Why is he the chairman?

Because he doesn't anticipate it doesn't mean it won't happen. Why is he chairman? Because he's a good liberty supporter who has done a ton for the cause and stuffed the entire Iowa GOP with liberty minded Ron Paul supporters. That's what he's done Mr. Armchair Quarterback.

So now, even if we have 5 states, Iowa appears to not want to participate.

Iowa IS one of those 5 states. Don't be absurd. If I say, "I think I want coffee this morning." It does not mean, "OMG, EricHoffer doesn't want to go to work this morning!" It means I want a cup of coffee. The points are not mutually exclusive, stop trying to twist them that way.

The we go to the other possible nominating method of suspending the rules, which requires 1 state to make the motion, and 5 additional to suspend.

If we've got the 5 states, then yeah absolutely. I'm not 100% clear on whether or not we actually have the 5 states. If we don't have the 5 states then we're pretty well hosed as far as I can see. Our last option hinges on Paul supporters who are Romney delegates abstaining and stopping him from reaching enough votes.

As far as the lawsuit in the GOP, we cannot nominate Ron Paul although if the lawsuit allows, we can vote for him. But since we cannot nominate him GOP wins and they could care less how the lawsuit comes out as they got their way.

There is no lawsuit in the GOP. If you're talking the "Lawyers for Ron Paul" thing, I have a $500 offer for anyone who thinks it will be settled in any way other than "thrown out" by August. Having seen the spelling errors in documentation and lack of legal sense shown by the group, I'm going to bet on it NEVER happening with that group. In any sense, the defense has time to assemble and have a fair trial, and that can be held out for months if not years.

i don't think we should be nice to these people and that is how I perceive us being is 'nice". I used to be "nice" but when you are up against a cannon in your face the way to win is to come back with more, bigger, and better cannons that the other side.

Wrong. The way to win is to be tireless and keep fighting. This is a war, not a battle, and it's been going on a long time. We're finally gaining momentum, but that doesn't mean it's time to start being sloppy and overplaying things. Keep moving as we're moving, replacing state after state with Liberty supporters. There are enough of us and we're well coordinated enough to run the entire GOP old guard out of here.

How can we nominate Dr. Paul?

While I'm all for nominating Dr. Paul, realism is a necessity. You need to think about what you'll do if Dr. Paul ISN'T nominated. How will you prepare for 4 years from now? How will you act with regards to Congressional reps in your district?

Even if he were President of the United States, Dr. Paul couldn't do this alone. We need to focus on Congress as well. This is a war of attrition, and we can win so long as we keep focused.

Eric Hoffer