Comment: The best thing to do in your situation

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The best thing to do in your situation

is to spend that money on kindle and books, and the rest on starting your own business. Buy the book "personal MBA." I am not sure what you went to school for or what you are good at, but it should be spent on buying a domain name, research materials and starting a business that is a lot more than cutting grass for people. It needs to be something that you can sell and promote cheaply on the internet. You can do it and that is the way to freedom and the way to make the most of this money. Do not start this business with friends or family and do not spend it all and get yourself where you have to take out debt to continue. Move back home if you can to work on this or live as cheaply as possible- move to a place where the cost of living is low if you are not in one currently.

I would also recommend buying books and learning (taking much much time, even years before you act) to learn about investing and trading options so that when your business makes money you know how to start making an even better income at a lower tax rate and that is not dependent on if the market is good or bad. Keep this in the background as you go along and you can succeed.

Do not be overly concerned with debt unless you have very high or variable interest rates. DO Not take on more debt, however, remember the dollars you pay today are worth more than the dollars you pay tomorrow and I frankly believe that college loans will be forgiven in the future. With that being said if you are still a ways a way from graduating and have to have loans to continue I would forgo the rest of college. I am dead serious it is not worth it and unless your in a highly specialized field $500 worth of books on a kindle will be more of an education you can get at whatever college.

I am 29 with a degree and everything I said above is exactly what I am doing right now and I am very confident that this is the right answer at least for me.