Comment: We don't have to take over the WHOLE party...

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We don't have to take over the WHOLE party...

That is right, fortunately for you and me and other RP Patriots, we do not have to win over the whole, not even half! We don not even have to win over over 1/3, although I sincerely believe 1/3rd is possible.

First lets ask, what is a "Win" for liberty? Answer: When two liberty candidates are the ONLY CHOICE come election time. That is a "win" because the outcome is always More Liberty.

Now that CHOICE can be inside the GOP races -- as in 5 people are running for State Governor inside the GOP and the winner will go against the winner DNC candidate. Only 1 of the 5 in the GOP race is a OUR R3VOLution Candidate. Are you with me?

Ok, imagine this. In the State of _____ the GOP has 5 candidates (the more the better for us). SINCE THE R3VOLUTION IS A NATIONWIDE FREEDOM MOVEMENT FOR LIBERTY, we all direct our attention and resources to THIS RACE. Activism, blogging, you-tubing, money bombs, signing, and most importantly door to door PC work.

Our LIBERTY GOP PC WORK that targets and identifies "OUR liberty leaning voters", "single or double or triple issue voters", "the personality voters", and importantly "Statist authoritarian voters" etc. THERE IS OUR POWER. THERE IS OUR POWER to get votes and raise money.

Come election day, we DO NOT help get the Statist authoritarian voter to the voting booth that day. We get our people to the voting booth. The bottom line is we make sure that our "unknown" GOP freedom candidate for the State Governors race BEATS the other 4 candidates. We bring our NATIONWIDE movement to bare on that local race. That is "flexing our muscle" and that is powerful.

Now the same is true for the 5 man DNC race. Same situation. Same action from us. Bring our nationwide liberty movement to bare on that local race.

And here is the "Win". When our liberty candidate from the GOP goes up against the liberty DNC candidate come election night. That is a BIG WIN for liberty, it matters little which candidate wins.

Notice that this is EXACTLY how the very small minority ideologues called liberal warhawks or conservative neocons always "Wins".

Notice further that we CAN DO THIS in congressional races and Senate Races. This is why showing our love to in her Congressional Race is so very important.--- sadly she just lost while everyone was yapping about a feel-good-about-myself-vote in november for Gary Johnson.

This is how we FLEX OUR MUSCLE in the r3VOLution! Don't get GJ distracted. We make Winners out of Congressional races, Senate races and State Governor Races. As I told GJ to his face, if he rand for New Mexico Senate race, the r3VOLution would be behind him all the way. But he cut some sort of deal with a neocon-israel firster wanting to be the Senator and promised (her?) that he would not run for the US Senate!!! We COULD have had Rand Paul joined by Senator Gary Johnson, think about that. 6 years of Senator Gary Johnson. And he is still widely popular in New Mexico. It could have been a big win for the r3VOLution. GJ chose to allow a neocon senator enter the US Senate for 6 years, for reasons that he could not explain straight to my face. Some silly "deal" and he must keep his "word" now. Why make such a "deal" in the first place is completely unexplained and unclear.

So, we do not have to win over the whole GOP or DNC, instead we need to stay a MOVEMENT. that does not get sucked back inside the LP.

You have seen the Tea Party movement get sucked into the GOP - and it died.

You are seeing the OWS movement get sucked into the DNC - and its dying fast.

Question: Are you going to allow the r3VOLution movement for liberty get sucked back into the LP?

FYI, I spent from 1980 thru 2004, my young and middle years, inside the LP and I have ZERO to show for it. Success for the libertarian message came when we took it outside of the LP. Inside, its just one big echo-chamber. It sounds all loud and important, but really you are just in a cave of your own digging.

In 2004 we Arizona libertarians and a big thanks to Ernie Hancock, took the freedom message OUTSIDE the Libertarian Party. Why? Its a "freedom car that won't start". But now, now that the r3VOLution is OUTSIDE the LP, and alive and well and full of energy, who needs who?

I submit to you to understand that our decentralize amorphous liberty MOVEMENT --outside of LP control --- is WHY we are thriving.

I submit to you and your brilliant sharp mind that the STRATEGY to infiltrate the 2-party duopoly is working for two really big reasons:

Access to their Database and Access to their "legitimate" debate Stage which is media controlled.

I submit to you that going BACK inside the LP, that is putting our energies, time and money there, means we loose precious time in the race to "go deep" inside the 2-party matrix.

Do you want the r3VOLution movement for liberty get sucked back into the LP? A simple yes or no can rest my fears.

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