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Comment: Thank You to the posters below for your comments.

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Thank You to the posters below for your comments.

I for the love of God cannot figure out why all my preceding posts on this topic have been shoved to "Off Topic" and buried under a rug so no one can view them; made hard to find; hidden from the public; taken out of the "Current Forum Topics" stream to the right of this page that is in constant view of everyone on this site >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Until "We The People" wake up and understand this Trust relationship with respect to our elected representatives (public trustees), we are NEVER going to achieve our goals of restoring this country back to it's original "Republican" (not democratic) form of government.

This political atmosphere could literally change overnight if this information were to go viral and the citizens of this country actually knew what the heck was going on.

What's going on you say?

The "public trustees", meaning Obama, the RNC, all elected officials, all judges, etc. who've taken an Oath of Office are toothless trustees, but they've duped the entire country into believing that the citizens are the trustees of the corporation, and the fact of the matter is:

We The People are the SHAREHOLDERS/INVESTORS/BENEFICIARIES of the Public Trust, and WE have all the POWER!

PS: Obama is nothing more than a public servant/trustee and CEO of "OUR" corporation. This so called presidential election is nothing more than appointing another CEO to occupy that office for 4 years and follow or carry out "OUR" demands as the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries.

So yes, we have standing; we are the life blood of this monster; our money keeps it afloat, and we pick and dictate the terms of the trust agreement, not the elected rats (public trustees) masquerading around the capitol as beneficiaries, in which they are NOT!

Know your role people!