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Think About Ads

...put out by the campaign and signed off on with "I am Ron Paul and I approve this message." There is a legal reason for that. Conversely, ads by pacs and supporters do not have that tag. He didn't pay for them, formally approve them...but that does not mean he does not approve *of* them.

I detest some of the things Jesse has done and consider him at best a novice and at worse controlled by others; however, there is nothing wrong with this statement.

First he says the event is being held by Ron Paul supporters" and they are not "affiliated with the campaign." In other words, we are not on the campaign staff, our events are not paid for by the campaign, the campaign is not responsible for anything said or anything that takes place at the event, and the supporter/organizers can make any event plans they wish. Again, it does not mean Ron Paul (or the campaign) is in any way unhappy with there being an event. Just it is not paid for .. sanctioned a campaign event.

Jesse HAS made some dumb statements...arrogant, misguided and detrimental = immature....however, IMO this is not one of them.