Comment: Hey Paul Festival!

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Hey Paul Festival!

Grow up! Seriously!

I spoke first hand with one of your "organizers". Initially I offered my services in the Sound, Light, Video, and Staging arena. Unfortunately you guys came off as so disorganized and wet behind the ears that I opted not to participate. I was concerned for my business license and safety of the general public.

What made matters worse? You were looking for volunteers to staff this event. Everyone from security to production and even operations. All the while building up to a hefty ticket price... Who does this benefit? I wonder!

No offense. I'm glad your doing an event to bring people together... but QUIT WHINING ABOUT RON NOT ATTENDING!

It's pretty clear you are in this for the money and not the movement, otherwise you would show Ron and Team some respect.

So I'll say it again. GROW UP! Be happy you've gotten this far... but if you think you're going to get away with tarnishing the good doctors name so you can line your pocket books, I will remain silent no longer.