Comment: Buy a ticket off this sinking ship!!

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Buy a ticket off this sinking ship!!

Use the money to renounce your citizenship and get out while you still can.

  • Get out before legislatures pass more laws preventing you from leaving, like the denial of passports to those who are behind on taxes.
  • Get out before the U.S. seals it's borders from escape.
  • Get out of being robbed through income taxation, forced pseudo-investment into Social Security.
  • Get out of being a forced funder of countless programs and expeditures that don't even come close to representing your interests.
  • Get out of being seen by other nations as an ignorant U.S. sloth who lets their government pillage and destroy nations.

I'm sort-of kidding, yet, there are many reasons to leave.

Where to go?

Just look to where highly successful executives have gone after renouncing their U.S.A. citizenship.

If you are sharp and have a good command of english, you can probably do well in any country that has american tourists.