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Hey funkdefino stop posting assumptions as facts!

I am sorry if our grassroots organization isn't organized to your satisfaction. Not all of us are perfect.

Of course we are looking for volunteers, many people would like to participate and help with this event and we welcome them. Perhaps the "hefty" ticket prices are to cover the big expense for a large festival. Not one of us main organizers are getting paid to put this event on and we are working more than full time to make it happen. If there is any "profits" we intend to put some in the bank for next years festival and then distribute the rest of the money out to Liberty Candidates around the country. But thanks for assuming we are doing this for a payday.

We have showed Ron Paul and his team respect the entire time. Just because someone post a thread on DP voicing their opinion doesn't mean they are officially part of our organization.

Once again no organizers of Paul Festival are getting paid for this event, we are all volunteers.