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Interesting Take :)

I always find it strange how economist will say the U.S was weak and needed Britain and France for international trade, but I agree with you were were capable of producing the best resources at an unlimited supply to the old world.

The second strange finding is you mention French and Russian Alliance. In studying history I could never understand the relationship between those 2. They were allied as an early response to WW1 as well, before Britain got involved.

I need to look at dates again but what year did Napoleon invade Moscow 1811? This treaty you mention must have been quick diplomacy after Napoleon failed to take Moscow, or it was shortly before Napoleons invasion.

I still stand with the anti federalist and those who wanted britain off of our continent. Canada would have been the other 50 states on sound footing from 1783 had we forced the british from our continent.

If we should have favored trade with anyone it should have remained France, because Napolean was desperate for cash and allowed us to claim the other half of our country with the Louisiana Purchase.

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