Comment: Fast and Furious makes

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Fast and Furious makes

Fast and Furious makes Watergate look like a political picnic at the petting zoo.

If CNNABCCBSMSNBCFOX started covering the important news, maybe a lot more people would actually watch television. I HATE double standards. I thought we are supposed to all be " = " in the eyes of the law? Holder is a criminal, and somebody in Congress should have the guts to go after this traitor to America, trying to sell us out by demonizing people who want to protect and defend themselves and their families. Holder is AGAINST self defense, because it is an individualistic, independent action that does not rely upon the government. Holder WANTS you to become DEPENDENT on the government for protection, welfare, housing, and food. The more dependent you become, the bigger the government gets.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.