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Look, Mr. porterdavis

With ALL due respect, I am asking questions because I don't understand what the actual goal is. I thought the lawsuit was about unbinding delegates, and now it seems to be about suing the campaign, and I fearthat also means, Ron Paul.

This is upsetting to me.

I have always felt that I had maybe an edge on many of Ron Paul's supporters because my volunteer work on three of Ralph Nader campaigns, I have witnessed dirty tricks, criminal acts, just terrible things, that Democrats did to Ralph Nader volunteers. Republicans thought it was funny more than anything. Few Republican participated in helping the Democrats to keep Nader out, and this included Bush and Gore, keeping Nader out of the debates (people enjoyed Ross Perots, the last debate that went three ways).

I always thought the campaign was between a rock, Ron Paul telling them to not push, but draw people in, and a hard place, the GOP with all those who are power driven.

I don't see how you can seperate Ron Paul from his campaign. Can you explain that? Please forgive my ignorance. My agenda is to actually understand what is happening here.