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a list of likely suspects.

9/11 has been used to effectively muzzle many people who needed to speak out at the very least, on how shoddy the investigation was.

Whether you are part of the LIHOP or MIHOP crowd, there were/are still basic flaws that could have been pointed out, without having to commit to a particular theory.
"Blowback" is an easy fallback position, but if a person does REAL research into this area, they will discover that 9/11 was an elaborate game of "let's you and him fight."

Follow the money, and ask yourself who benefits, and you will see a different picture. (not you but people in general)

Now they give the general public tidbits to gnaw on like "Fast and Furious," which is just busywork to keep people distracted from the REAL crimes that have taken place.