Comment: Much of Gage's evidence is legitimate

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Much of Gage's evidence is legitimate

And I agree with his conclusion that the towers were destroyed by means other than simply the impact of the planes and subsequent fires, and ultimately that 9/11 was a false flag event.

However, his organization is unfortunately heavily infiltrated and compromised at the highest levels (including board of directors). As a result it is in part serving a gatekeeper function, and certain well-placed individuals within AE911Truth are playing key roles in marginalizing and suppressing critical eyewitness testimony which is arguably the best evidence proving a false flag operation on 9/11.

See for example:

See also this and this and this and this. David Chandler is closely associated with AE911Truth, and Kevin Ryan was (and probably still is) on its board. Likewise for Justin Keogh.

The rabbit hole is deep on this one but this is crucial stuff.