Comment: To clarify what the suit is about . . .

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To clarify what the suit is about . . .

The civil rights lawsuit is against the RNC and the State GOP organizations, with the state chair of each named as a defendant.

The goal of the suit is to unbind ALL delegates. In the course of gathering many plaintiffs from hopefully all states and territories, we will have documented the widespread, egregious election fraud committed by the GOP/Romney campaign.

That is a separate issue from the manifesting fact that the Ron Paul campaign leadership has NEVER run to win, only to make the appearance of a real campaign and to build the mailing lists and fill the pockets of the professional consultants/minions running the show. It is very common in politics around the world today to infiltrate opponent's campaigns to weaken them so they can be defeated. It happened in 2008.

So the goal of what we call the "righteous" mutiny is to liberate the Liberty movement from the Paul campaign staff and the Campaign For Liberty. Both are severely compromised.

In effect, we're recognizing that the Ron Paul succeeded largely IN SPITE OF the campaign. In every state of which I am aware, the grassroots Paul supporters had to struggle against the bumbling, fumbling and sabotage from national as much as they did the local GOP/Romney forces. We're just saying that now we have to do on a national level what each of us had to do at the state level.