Comment: Ready to give our Delegates the Ammo They Need to Win?

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Ready to give our Delegates the Ammo They Need to Win?

NOTE: America is still a British Colony and the same Trust Law/Certificate of Live Birth/IMF situation that is the problem in Canada, is the EXACT same thing we are dealing with here in the states.

If you want some power in the courtroom (Delegates for Ron Paul and anyone else for that matter), then you need to take some time out of your schedule and watch this seminar and understand what the hell is happening in that circus called a court of law.

The judges are "public servants/trustees", but they are treating YOU as if you are the trustees, and that presumption is killing you in these court cases. You lose the second you walk in the door; they just put on a show to make you feel like "Damn, we almost won that case", but you were never even close. You were considered the trustee in the hearing from the get go because you never corrected the courts presumption.

Listen, take notes and learn. What you about to watch in these seminars in mind blowing. When you finish this series, I promise you Ron Paul Delegates and everyone else in this country will feel UNSTOPPABLE and UNBEATABLE when you walk into court. Guaranteed to make you say "HOLY $HIT, That's What They're Doing To Us"!

Here's the seminars in order by Dean Clifford (look him up people, he's the real deal):

NOTE: GO TO THE LAST SEMINAR POSTED BELOW AND WATCH IT FIRST! Dean made the other seminars first, but kind of got ahead of himself on explaining the issue of Trusts, your Birth Certificate, and how they are using it against us. So watch the seminar "Both Sides of the Story" first, then come back and watch seminar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in that order.

Your Rights Trusts and How To and How To Enforce Them: (Seminar 1-6)







Final Seminar "Both Sides of the Story" ... Watch This One First!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

When you finish this, I guarantee you our Delegates will have a whole different attitude and an overwhelming amount of confidence and knowledge when bringing these lawsuits against the "public servant/trustees" aka RNC in the coming weeks and months.

Without knowing this information, I personally believe they will be railroaded out of court; won't stand a chance, and will come home beaten down and tired from participating in a circus that you're almost guaranteed to lose before the case ever begins.

The RNC, the DNC, The Courts, The Judges, The whole lot of them are a private club of trustees who've figured out a way to dupe the people into believing they have no power. Once you watch these video, you'll know who really has the power and you won't be railroaded in the courts.

You are about to witness and learn just how much power you actually do have.

Knowledge is Power People, and we've been dumb'd down long enough.

Time to learn what's really going on in that court and time to learn who you REALLY are, and that's the SHAREHOLDERS/INVESTORS/BENEFICIARIES of the public Trust and your public RATS are bitter trustees who didn't like We The People having all that power, so they devised a little sleight of hand many years ago with the old switcharoo on the "Certificate of Live Birth".