Comment: I think your questions suck

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I think your questions suck

its the same old stuff from your interviews. some abstract question that obviously the zionist reporter avoids. whoop de do.

you have talent in getting the interviews but your questions are uninteresting and do so little given the opportunity.

think about what the person is going to say so even if they are evasive, its a good question.

do this question "do you think its fair that in 2008 the Federal Reserve lent out interest free 16 trillion dollars to the Wallstreet Banks and the failing European Central Banks - when the entire US debt was only 14 Trillion Dollars". Something pointed like that where he either says 'not fair' - in which case you say "don't you think it is the job of CNN to report that atleast once?" or he says "fair" and you go viral on the guy

and you can do that for not just economy but military, support for Israel etc

asking questions is like chess - where you have to anticipate the answers and build your secondary line of questions. you are just playing checkers and it sucks.

kudos on getting the interviews - but your questioning is poor in my opinion.