Comment: Ron Paul Campaign tells the press to stand down.

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Ron Paul Campaign tells the press to stand down.

Monica Serrano, the newly re-instated director of the Arkansas Ron Paul campaign has informed the Liberty Live Stream Team that they represent a "threat" to the Arkansas GOP and that the Ron Paul people in Arkansas have everything in hand.

They've said they won't allow any cameras at the upcoming June 23 Summer Committee Session meeting and that everything will be "fair and square". Monica said their State GOP chairman is a "good guy".

They said they don't want to have anything to do with the lawsuit, now, this is the RON PAUL campaign speaking to me in email. NO PRESS, STAND DOWN. OBEY !

Would Ron Paul himself order his campaign supporters, his grass roots to give up their first amendment rights to free press?

Michael? If the Ron Paul campaign called you and told you to take this thread down, told you to stop exercising your first amendment rights ... how would that go over at the Daily Paul?

Could there be people around Ron Paul who are not acting in the interests of liberty, freedom and supporting the Constitution of the United States of America?

Did the Ron Paul official campaign in Arkansas REALLY tell independent media they were a "THREAT"?

Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of crazy kids with cameras, move along folks ... I SAID MOVE ALONG, NOW !

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