Comment: Just goes to show: Sometimes it's not the Content or

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Just goes to show: Sometimes it's not the Content or

Significance of the Information at hand that's the "attention getter", as much as "WHO" brings the information forward".

Had Michael Nystrom made this post, it would have already been up to 1500 up-votes; would have been on the front page for the world to see, and people would be running with this information and spreading it like a wildfire.

Today, people will spend 2-3 hours posting replies to the Mason Jar thread, when they could have taken 2 hours to learn and freed themselves from bondage, and helped unveil the true 1000lb. Gorilla in the Room, that's posted in the my comment below (video seminar).

It is sad, no doubt.

People just do not want to take the time to learn anything anymore. You can post a two hour seminar like I did below ("Both Sides of the Story")and that is just too much time; a big hassle; can't possibly be of any relevance ...

The really sad part of it is: Dean Clifford has laid what would normally take someone 20 years of research to unveil in some very precise one and two hour seminars that are worth their weight in gold, and still, as simple as this information is; as powerful as this information is, it's just too time consuming for the average attention span of 2.5 minutes.

People are going to look back on this thread one day and say to themselves "I can't believe our remedy was posted here for the world to see two years ago, and it was swept under the rug".

I can only hope that someone with some common sense sees this thread; someone who is a well known voice on this forum that everyone seems to trust, will re-post this and it will finally be well received.

This kind of reminds me of the whole cancer phenomenon. It's been well proven by Simoncini that Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) kills cancer on contact, but for the average person, it's just too simple; no way it could be that easy, it's a BS conspiracy theory, etc. and they'll continue digging through mountains of research looking for the 'magic bullet', when the hole time the 'magic bullet' was right in front of their face.

What can I say.