Comment: Do keep in mind that this is

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Do keep in mind that this is

Do keep in mind that this is Iran's state-operated propaganda channel aimed specifically at western audiences. Not the most trustworthy of news sources.

I don't think AIPAC gets to dictate who gets what post or not. That's not how influence peddling works. It's probably much more subtle. It's more that you, for instance, invite certain speakers to events frequented by a lot of State Department honchos. You throw a party here, a reception there. "Hey Jim, have you met Bob?" You co-ordinate talking points, so every says exactly the same thing and constantly repeat them in press releases. And yeah, the pro-Israel lobby is way too good at it. But they have to be, support for Israel in the West is on the decline.

But then again.. that entire region is so messed up, you never really know who is doing what to who. It's like a foreign-intervention free-for-all.