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My goodness...

Wow, just wow. Again you fail to understand the iconography of Lady Liberty.

"The roots of the iconography of Liberty can be found in the Roman Republic (510-44 B.C.), where Liberty was envisioned as a Goddess. She underwent a resurgence in the 16th and 17th centuries, when neoclassical artists bonded the iconography of Greek and Roman divinities with contemporary abstract ideas, such as Servitude and Concord. But it was not until the late 18th century that the neoclassical image of Liberty became ubiquitous and politically consequential. The neoclassical Liberty is always a female figure, usually partially nude, sometimes wearing the liberty cap (the Phrygian or slave cap of Rome that signified a slave had been freed), bearing the liberty pole, and crushing chains or the crowns of tyrants underfoot."

Here is the state Seal of Virginia circa 1776 depicted with bare breasts.

And again my previous examples:

French Revolution:

U.S. 5 dollar Silver Certificate:

If I had the time and still had access to the art history slide room from my Alma mater I could get even more depictions of Lady Liberty scantily clothed, but alast I've graduated. And I've made my point clear.

Now if you don't understand, well maybe you simply want to put your own views of puritan-based morality over factual evidence to the contrary.

Are you telling me that if an American Olympian who (often scantily clothed in summer olympics) waves the flag of the United States after a victory that would not bring a tear to your eye or a lump in your throat? I do not understand your ideology. I will never understand this.

IT IS NOT A MARKETING PLOY!!! You people are still going to vote me down I guess because you refuse to understand differing viewpoints, what makes you any different then the Neo-cons at that point.

This is absolutely ridiculous!!

This man has poured considrable time, effort and creativity into this and you guys are lambasting him on a 1-2 second clip in a preview without context?????

This is frustrating.