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I know how lobbying works,

I know how lobbying works, I'm not an expert but they work pretty much the same way everywhere.. and there's no denying they're dirty. All I said is that 'the dirt' is more subtle (and more pervasive) than what pressTV says. PressTV = Iran and Iran is a party to the conflict so I don't trust them either. Just because they say something that you like to hear, doesn't make them right.

I don't know what got me the negs? Saying that I don't trust state-operated media, or pointing out that it isn't just a case of a little bribery here and there but an entire system, of which AIPAC is just one leg, aimed at influencing public opinion and, much worse, public policy across the west? They're also pretty powerful in Europe, where it's even more glaring because the public opinion of Israel hasn't been exactly favorable since the second Intifadah began.