Comment: The BAR Association has never been, and never was an

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The BAR Association has never been, and never was an

"Act of Congress" ... It's a sham; a shadow attorney's group sent by the Queen herself (or the King) to infiltrate the government; pass statutory laws, rules and regulations that of no relevance to non 14th Amendment citizens.

Your proposed "in another universe" is exactly what the judge is going to say (beneath his breath) when these Delegates show up as trustees instead of shareholders/beneficiaries/investors trying to convince the court they should be heard.

NOTE: For the record, I'm not saying the attorney's wont get it done, because sometimes the fraud is so blatant the court has no choice but to allow a win, or the people would revolt. They don't want the people to revolt and figure out they're getting railroaded on a daily basis in the courts, so they must allow a few wins here and there.

The truth of the matter is: The entire court system in this country runs off Trust Law ..... Period!

I hope the moderators will put my original post back in Current Events; the con of the century is exposed in that thread. The video seminars are posted in the comments of that thread.