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Two Vignettes ... That Were Meaningful to Me

Sometimes when you have some major questions percolating in your head, information teachers appear.

At a recent street fair in Palm Springs I had noticed a booth called: Ask the Rabbi. Well, I had some questions but knew to proceed with caution. Googled the Rabbi (but didn't know enough about Likud for a flag) so found out from the Rabbi's website that he had mid-fathered the birth of his daughter's child via Skype in Russia or some place. I mentioned seeing it to him..and he was very friendly. He mentioned that he had something like twelve children ... most Rabbis or such in various countries. (I sorta thought...hmm.) THEN, he mentioned that his son served in the Israeli army. My opening. I went, "So you are a Zionist?" I was just looking for a good conversation, but he went absolutely ballistic yelling, "And why would I not be." The conversation deteriorated as he told me that Arabs were no better than cockroaches and would still be wandering around the desert if it were not for Israel.

I left shaken and went back to my husband's music booth. A guy came to the table talking silver and gold. Turns out he was an ex-Rabbi. I told him about my encounter a few minutes earlier. He actually got tears in his eyes and said, "You know they hate us everywhere." He added, perhaps you don't know but there were a lot of Jews who were against formation of the State of Israel. I wish I could have talked to him more.

And, as if that wasn't lesson enough, I looked on both sides of our booth. On one side was a booth of Messianic Jews and on the other was the family I have become great friends with. A Christian family from Syria who came here to offer bibles (in various middle eastern languages) to Middle Easterners in this country. He is an ordained minister....and the source of much of my information about what is really happening in Syria.

Ask the questions...teachers will appear. All of the above occurred in a three hour period at a street fair. And, we sold a lot of CDs. It was a packed with information day. I love those kind of days!
Thanks if you read for indulging me. Some stories you just have to share.