Comment: Exactly !!! .... They Do Not Have Standing, Because ....

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Exactly !!! .... They Do Not Have Standing, Because ....

These people are showing up in court as the NAME on the Certificate of Live Birth; the legal fiction; the presumption of law; the fictitious-corporate entity, the "corporate employee", the TRUSTEES of the corporation, instead of their true capacity of shareholder/beneficiary/investors.

The whole foreign corp. UNITED STATES is a corporation. The president is the CEO, the congressman and senators; house and senate members are all directors of the board, just beneath the president. The citizens of the country are the "employees"; they are BENEATH all those other directors and the CEO ... at least that's what they've been led to believe, but nothing could be further from the truth.

They do not have standing because they are not approaching the issue and bringing the suit as shareholders/investors/beneficiaries of the public trust. These people keep bringing suits against the CEO of the corporation as employees of that corporation; of course they have no standing to question their boss.

The UNITED STATES is a corporation. The president is the CEO that has been elected by the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries (the people) to carry out their demands; to make them as much money or return on their investment as possible. If the CEO is breaking the rules; not performing; not eligible, etc. the shareholders/investors/beneficiaries of the corporation (public trust) have all the standing in the world to hold a shareholders meeting (Federal Court Case) to discuss their grievances against the CEO and either have him removed or demand he change course.

These people are showing up in the capacity of "employees" trying to sue their boss and are getting the "You Don't Have Standing" hammer slammed across their heads.

The court is correct: They do NOT have standing entering the jurisdiction of the court as "peasants" or "employees", "trustees", but what the court is not telling them is:

If they were to show up with that Certificate of Live Birth in the court filing as proof that they are the beneficiaries of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, they would finally prevail and get the case heard on it's merits and Obama would be out of office; probably in Federal Prison for fraud.

The people are the ones who put the money into the corporation, not the president (CEO). He's just a trustee the people have appointed to make sure things get carried out the way they want. The people are the investors/shareholders/beneficiaries, and that gives them standing!

What do you think would happen if some shareholders/investors/beneficiaries got together and brought a suit against the CEO of Microsoft for breaching the trust of their agreement; or by fraudulently assuming more power than they granted him and making decisions against their will?

Yep, you guessed it: The CEO would find his a$$ in a real bind and the shareholders would win the case, no questions asked.

That Certificate of Live Birth is the only proof you have that the corporate fictitious NAME that YOU are the agent of, is a shareholder in the common wealth; the corporation. That document is a security instrument; it's written/typed on bond paper, it's a real money maker and that name on that certificate is what funds this corporation; the future labor of that NAME is the name of the game.

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