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Plus That License Plate

...or honorary name plate would be *at least* one ounce of silver. And, now that's something he would appreciate and the sentiment in it as well....

Maybe we could get something similar, but less expensive, for Carol with a "First Lady in Our Hearts" silver honorarium on her bike. Take it she isn't in to biking with him...for fun we could have training wheels on it for fun! And, make sure it is in her favorite color.

After all, she stood by him and supported him as he climbed all those mountains. And, I am remembering. She said, "he never in all these years lied to me." Oh, wow. I believe her and that says volumes
about well as the life partner he chose. I love these people. I think he would LOVE his and her bikes and you are never too old to start biking Carol. Imagine the picture of the two of them!

Let's give them ....a memory that they will see every day and that includes Carol Paul, the love of his life.