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Well you schooled me..

I would know nothing of visualizing an event like this with 3D renderings of staging, per-programming of intelligent lighting, content creation and playback of HD video on DMX mapped LED pixels, and of course precision time aligned audio arrays capable of 120db of crystal clear and balanced signal anywhere in the fairgrounds.

You're right I'm just a grunt. Make no mistake though... Grunts like me make a decent living knowing how to do such things. More importantly though, is safety! Think PLASA, OSHA, ILDA, Etc... You mentioned insurance? Has it ever occurred to you that the rigging crews that erect these stages and trussing systems must be insured as well?

Promotions is a way to get people aware of an event, but without equipment, stage hands, and entertainment you don't have an event. It's teamwork.

I personally don't do heavy lifting anymore I manage the production on events such as these and I would never belittle someone who was willing to bust their A$$ for me sweating bullets outdoors in Florida by telling them that every other person working on an event is more important than them.

They just show up, unpack, repack, and then go home. Nice!

Thanks for the education on how these things work, though. I must have missed it somewhere during the last 20 years in the business.