Comment: Rand Paul is now a WEDGE to divide and conquer this movement..

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Rand Paul is now a WEDGE to divide and conquer this movement..

...just received the latest from Chuck Baldwin - as a fundamentalist Christian, he ought to have enough discernement NOT to take the anti-Rand side of this whole empty-endorsement, and he ought to stay AWAY from being associated with the loudmouth Alex Jones(who bears NO Christian fruit, as pertains to our founders wisdom).

We all knew/anticipated "9/11 truthers" is what they would call us if Ron Paul gained enough steam; but we went for the DELEGATES, and we leave the truth/justice for 9/11 for another day - we just need STATEMEN in elected office right now; and Rand is still one of them.

Rand Paul is NEEDED in the US Senate; the endorsement did NOTHING to hurt our position which is to take back political control from the corrupt and their puppets, and throw off financial slavery/serfdom to private banks at the lawful demand/decree of government.

Chuck should not be linking to Alex Jones, nor should he express his PERSONAL disappointment in a way that straddles the fence, saying on the one hand Rand Paul has "motives" of higher office(he doesn't KNOW that) - and saying Rand is a principled Constitutionalist at the same time ...

Here's a snipit: "And on a personal note, I cannot express my disappointment in Rand Paul enough! With his father, Ron Paul, stepping down from Congress, we had all hoped that Rand would become the leading voice for constitutional government on Capitol Hill that his father has been for all of these years. In my opinion, Rand forfeited that leadership position when he endorsed Mitt Romney. Of course, we all know why Rand did it. It was the “politically correct” thing to do. Rand is, no doubt, posturing himself for a higher office. But the GOP establishment will never embrace Rand Paul, unless he were to totally recant his constitutionalist ideals."

Which is it, Chuck? He has Constitutionalist ideals, or, he is an establishment sell out?

All you guys making money/name for yourself while competing for the attention/audience of the "sheep" in this movement really piss me off...seriously...this is a REVOLUTION of ideas and a restoration of our founding principles - and for YOU to get involved in this and throw mud at Rand(as well as keep company with Alex Jones) when you are a claiming to be a God called Pastor whose PRIMARY concern is to win souls for Christ, is a major blow to your credibility!

Sorry guys, I just had to blow off like that; Rand Paul is being used as a WEDGE - and guys who get paid to TALK for a living(not push a broom or do physical labor like MOST hurting people in this country headed for the abyss) are deserved of our severe rebuke when they try to drive a wedge!

Rand Paul is in a difficult spot; I TRUST his endorsement is EMPTY and did not hurt us - and I TRUST he knows what votes are ceremonial/political and of NO SUBSTANCE as he must play politics in Washington D.C. - I will not fall for this ruse by our so-called friends/leaders in the "patriot movement" who want to help other United States Senators(BOTH Republican and Democrat) tear down Rand Paul and get him removed from the Senate - especially over something like this meaningless endorsment...leave it alone already...they want us fighting with each other.

Good Job Rand!