Comment: Rand's endorsement is not empty, clearly.

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Rand's endorsement is not empty, clearly.

he has been praising and helping romney for many months. it would be a lie to say it was empty. his heart and soul are in it. the tone demeanor and choice of words were very strong, from saying that romney is 'precisely' what this country needs, that he believes romney would be 'responsible' regarding foreign policy, and lying on behalf of romney when infact romney publicly came out in 07/08 against an audit of the fed, etc...

rand is very much in love with romney.

and clearly, you are in denial about this and many other things.

rand is not any leader other than for the tea partiers to an extent. he has never said he was your leader, only media has said that and hence you take on what media tells you.

rand is part of corrupt gop party and adamantly with tea party and ran on tea party platform. he doesn't have much to do with rp supporters, and his message is ok, if you want to tag along, then go ahead.