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Doug Wead.

Richard was here lying about having “Doug Wead's personal blessing” back on his May 27 thread. His username (one of them) is `Patriot Press_USA Free Press' ( I'll try to find the exact comment (tricky, since the thread was 86'd by the MODS around June 1), but the gist of it was someone asked the attorney for proof that the proposed lawsuit was supported by the campaign. Some other user asks, “so who would it take to vouch for this in order to believe (that the attorney was not simply fishing for delegate info)”, to which someone wrote: “Doug Wead”?
So, from then on, Richard went around saying that, ‘oh yeah, Doug Wead gave me his personal blessing’, etc…
Also that he was “in daily contact with thousands of national Ron Paul groups”, which to this day, I still have no clue as to what the hell could possibly be going on in a human being's brain, for them to believe that a statement like that, sounds reasonable (~as opposed to delusional).