Comment: i don't mean any judeo-christian, i only said 'christian'.

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i don't mean any judeo-christian, i only said 'christian'.

and it is you and rp supporters that are protecters/defenders of islam that disinform, lie, are in denial, can't take truth, and like to work with media and neocons in dividing and conquering america (and giving it into the hands of islam).

stupid question this is - 'why they hate us'. who the heck is 'us' and who is 'they' - and yet no rp supporter really wants to take on that question.

yes, jews do have significant control over hollywood. and so do muslims. it is that you want islam to control all of hollywood and not share with the jews and those of other faith. like hannity and others who don't want to admit the jewish have a lot of control, you don't want to admit that islam/muslims have significant control over you and this country as well.

essentially, you are a neocon as well and fighting battles for those that are not your countrymen.

it is hypocritical to talk against 'entangling alliances', adn at the same time get involved with entangling alliances with islam instead of your own country adn constitution. fight the battle of your people instead.