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no previous postings here...strange isn't it?

Not strange at all - I've been a Ron Paul supporter since late 2006, have been pretty active in grassroots activities but have rarely ever posted to this site.

Are these attorneys legitimate? I do believe they are. Is there a reason for lawsuits? most definitely - I was a delegate at my state convention and we were cheated out of our vote. We had all Chicago delegates rammed down our throat with no choice or representation for the rest of the state. The nays had it by a hair - the calls for roll call and division were completely ignored by the GOP, I did not see a single microphone on the floor - it was a pre-planned pony show not a convention. They did at least have the courtesy to thank Ron Paul supporters for a record turn out of delegates, but I'm sure they were laughing all the way to the bank with our money.

In the cases of the states that things got violent - they definitely need the help of these attorneys. We have people that are finally offering to help us expose the fraud with legal action. Why are so many of you being negative about getting the help we've been asking for all along?