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I appreciate the work trying to put together something creative and inspiring, and just trying is a success in some part. However, trying to spin this as Lady Liberty... that seems to be a bit of stretch. Some of us just don't want to make the campaign and ideas look bad, and are offering some advice as this was the 3rd time he's been promoting this to us, and I think the bikini girl was in at least 2 of them. Although me writing in so much is probably giving it too much credit as to how much damage it could do. As for creativity, a girl in an American Flag really has been done to death, just do a Google search:
As for taking time away from his family, in order to photograph pretty women in bikinis? I know the motives are in the right place, but it still doesn't look good. I'm not saying I'm perfect, far from it. I just think Jeremy may look back on it someday, and go, "what was I thinking?". I would like to buy all of you a beer, everyone trying to make a difference.