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Comment: let me know when...

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let me know when...

...Alex Jones has 25% of the INTEGRITY of a Noah Webster, and practices/understands the General Principles of Christianity!!!

That would manifest itself in stop making money off the corruption of government, or, personal immorality of elected officials(who have hired you to "hide" everything in plain sight - a.k.a. using you as a mouthpiece to openly announce what they are doing and what they have done, which is their moral code of conduct as your favorite pastoral guest Lindsay Graham told us), stop PROVOKING the immature to CONFRONT people like Rand Paul and YouTube it which makes us all look bad - or - encourage them to get in the face of cops dressed in riot gear and get themselves hurt; and THIRD, run for office yourself with all your intelligence, understanding, and PATRIOTISM where you can make a difference where decisions are made!

Alex Jones is not even a precinct delegate, he is NOTHING but a loudmouth and an embarrassment - now a Rand-basher, and Chuck Baldwin is showing himself to be more concerned with that route than his God-called pastoral/witnessing PRIORITY!

Bible-believing, HUMBLE, well-studied, practicing Christians KNOW when they are being duped by cunning men who come to us as wolves in sheep's clothing with their fair speeches and philosophy of MEN - we can DISCERN where they are leading the "flock"(meaning "the movement") - meaning, they are driving a WEDGE, and using EMOTION to do it(disgust for Rand via armchair quarterbacking an EMPTY endorsement)!

Chuck Baldwin is now a QUESTIONABLE character in my eyes - and Alex Jones is in free fall collapse ... the PATRIOT movement to restore integrity, honesty, statesmanship and character lives on; and it can be accomplished without the sideshow circus of a "media" that tears down public officials who are as GOOD/WISE as Rand Paul is/has been thus far!