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Thank YOU RonPaulBillboards

I have not read the entire lawsuit, because I don't trust myself to be able to understand legal papers. I joined Tools For Justice and have read the pages and found nothing against the campaign, and why I found these posts about going after the campaign upsetting and more confusing, even frightening.

I can relate to what the delegates are going through, not just from my previous experience petitioning for Ralph Nader's ballot access, but in my attempt to earn a seat on my county Republican Central Committee. Fortitude paid off I pleased to say, for not only did I acquire a my seat by collecting my own valid signatures, campaigning openly as a Ron paul Republican, but the committee actually appointed me, so I gained my seat 7 Months sooner than my elected date. I have found the Republicans difficult, but I also understand, no one likes to think they are being "infiltraited".

Daily Paul is the extent of my social networks, where I have read in real life time, the trials and tribulalations my fellow delegates have endoured. I felt positive about the suit until I read that the campaign was also a target. While I have been dissappointed and felt some things could have been handled better, I have been very pleased with the staff in NorCal and hope I have made lifelong friends who I will work with the expand Ron Paul's message.

Thank you for your time and good news, I feel much better!