Comment: I don't think you are tired and sick enough

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I don't think you are tired and sick enough

That's nice that you will vote for Ron Paul. We have something in common.

Instead of being tired of the way things are, I suggest you join the GOP. I was afraid to join, but you know what? I wasted my time being afraid. Just like you are wasting you'r time being tired.

I'm on a Republican Central Committee.. PLEASE join me. Help Ron Paul make the changes you and me want to see.

Stop being tired and get active. We can have fun doing this.

We can vote NO to the UN, and we can tell our memebers why we are voting NO, and we can vet candidates and issues. It's really not that hard. It really doesn't take that much time. Like Ron Paul says, half the battle is showing up.

So come on... let's restore America to constitution government together.

It sure beats being tired.