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tOmmy, I apologize for not answering this sooner, the post did

not get much attention because it got moved from either "Current Events" or the "Liberty Forum" if I recall, down to the dreaded pits of h3ll called "Off Topic".

Seems everyone is too busy chasing their tails on "other" remedies, or remedies like fighting the criminals in their own statutory courts, using their statutory codes and case law, that they can't see the bone right in front of their very faces; the "Certificate of Live Birth".

You know, some things are just too easy to be of any use to people. If it doesn't require 2000 hours of paperwork; 18 UCC filings; 400 affidavits; 12 attorneys, and a partridge in a pear tree, it's just to simple and there's just no way it could possibly work ... LOL

How do you teach a child 2+2=4 when he started his mathematical education in Trigonometry or Calculus?

That's the problem with all these folks searching for remedy: They read all this patriot and lawyer-eese out there; spend hours and hours reading court cases and blogs; opinions, etc. and their heads get scrambled with a bunch of extra curricular BS they don't need.

Okay, back to your question:

There's this thing called due process of law, and law is everywhere. And people who violate the law, whether it be common law or statutory law are subject to fines/imprisonment/loss of bonds, etc.

So lets say you file a Declaration of Status, announcing your allegiance to the Republic state in which you live or were born, and contest the Certificate of Live Birth as a Constructive Fraud to unjustly enrich the State, to the Secretary of State and the State Attorney General, and whoever else you can think of. And you've fulfilled due process of law by making proper public notice and recording it in the county recorders office. You've done everything you can think of to make these people aware that you are onto their fraud and do not care to participate in it, anymore ... You are done!

What can they do to you? Everything is contracts; all crimes are commercial; the UNITED STATES is not a government, but a foreign corporation. The only way those statutes apply to you and I, is if we are employed by that corporation; we are receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th; they have proof of pay records that they've been paying you to perform some function of government, or to perform some duty under that title or through that Office.

When you make the money you make on a weekly basis, are you performing some function of government? Are you fulfilling some task, operating in the capacity of an foreign corporation agent or employee? If so, you'll just have to follow those statutes; it's their corporation, they make the rules, and you will comply or there are fines/jail/imprisonment, etc.

If some policeman (foreign corp agent) arrests you for not having a drivers license or insurance and drags you to jail, and you've done all you need to do, to confirm your political allegiance to the Republic state in which you live or was born, then when you get out of jail, you can bring him/her up kidnapping charges.

Check out Rod Class's radio shows, and listen through the archives. His caller ID is 48361 or you can search for AIB RADIO on to get to his page.

Law is law my friend. The whole world runs on laws. If you violate their laws or statutes, you pay the price. If they violate your laws and political allegiance, they pay the price.

People win lawsuits against the STATE or Federal Government everyday. These people are just that: People. People who have jobs as attorney's, judges, Sec. of State, Governors, Senators, Congressman, Police Officers, etc.

They take Oaths; they have bonds, and they don't want to jeopardize their bonds or employment anymore than you and I by getting caught red handed trying to violate your rights or push a constructive fraud upon you without full consent and valuable consideration.

Know your rights, or better yet, your God given "Inherent Rights" and you'll be fine. Do your own due diligence; study up on this stuff; go watch the Dean Clifford Trust Law seminars, etc.

I'd start with Dean's YouTube videos of his seminars; then check out some of Rod Class's stuff on

There's a lot of patriots out here that have done TONS of research; studied statutory and constitutional law; written 400 page sovereignty documents; sell all kinds of BS. I've seen it all, and none of it touches the "CORE" issue of the problem.

And that core issue is the "Certificate of Live (I mean Death) Birth" with a Registrars signature on it.

If you are alive and well as the doctor stated when they signed the original "Record of Live Birth", then why in the H3LL would the STATE send you back a document that says the estate is in, or has been in Probate? If the Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate only deals with Estates of the Dead, then why are you, the living man using a Dead persons Certificate of Death for identification?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :)