Comment: This Post Does Not Address Negativity Of General Populace

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This Post Does Not Address Negativity Of General Populace

concerning the consequences to real people if $1 trillion dollars were to be cutfrom the budget in 1 year. Is it not true that cutting a bunch of federal agencies would result in may thousands being unemployed? What does Paul propose to help those people until they find employment again? Is it through unemployment benefits? Welfare? Does such cutting include tax laws and deregulation such that a RP supporter could claim that productivity and job creation in the PRIVATE sector would be realized in a relatively short amount of time? Paul NEEDED to convey how those losing jobs through "slash and burn" would be able to provide for themselves and their families - something realistic that could be repeated over and over. Otherwise, the budget idea was just a waste of time, a gimmick, because the campaign would have to know that the general populace would reject the idea and the candidate.

I am very glad you posted this subject, and I hope people who wish for a smaller, less intrusive government will realize that libertarian philosophies and ideology can be realized if ideas for budgeting are transitional. This means that libertarians, consrvatives and consitutionalists must create policies that are intelligent and creative to the point that the general populace can understand and support. After all the biggest "industry" in America is goverment.

I think what most people do not realize is that the budget proposed by Paul and all candidates is a "wish list" and would have to be compromised on through thevoting process in congress. It would have been very useful if Paul could have conveyed that he would be willing to compromise - that his budget is just a starting point for a balanced budget debate process.