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Yea, that's the only

Yea, that's the only disappointing portion of his statement, that he chides those of us who do not think there is a significant difference between the two on economic issues.

The crony capitalist banksters supported Obama in 2008 but are supporting Romney this time out. Is Rand saying he's okay with this?

Maybe I'm wrong, but as far as I can reason the only way he could be okay with it is if he simply doesn't understand what his father does - that we live in what could be described as a bankocracy. He doesn't seem to fully get that the banksters have a government granted privilege that allows them to enrich themselves through the creation of debt bubbles and that it is this privilege and the purchase of fedgov debt with money created out of thin air that is what actually empowers the growth of fedgov.

That boot on our necks Rand? It's there thanks to Romney's bankster pals. When you say you think Romney is superior to Obama on economics, in a way you're saying you're okay with this.

This is a huge missunderstanding on Rand's part. He's misreading just how many of us who support his father see this as THE number one problem in our country.

That he doesn't get this is beyond troubling to me.

My advice to Rand (and any readers here who don't get this point) - read Rothbard's "The Mystery of Banking" (free at You'll come away from that reading with a clear understanding of just how evil and corrupt our monetary system is.

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