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The system cannot be reformed. We are learning how they deal with attempts to reform or even slow down "the abolition of man". I will not legitimize the system by "voting" for my own lesser evil overseer. Ron Paul is the only one I trust, and they seem to have gotten to him somehow. Doesn't matter anyway. The fix is in, it's rigged and TPTB are flipping the masses the bird....and most are oblivious to it. All you can do is try to make the system irrelevant, educate others to the evil, the tyranny, the economic illiteracy. Fight the evil with good. It's going to get ugly, they are determined to kill us off, probably starve us to death as they are working so hard to control the food supply and access to food, even your own gardens and livestock. Maybe if the states start nullifying. But in my neck of the woods, the local crats are all over Agenda 21, School to Work, taxing the property owners to the hilt....for the "schools". The people are dumbed down and who knows about elections because they use those computer cheating enablers.