Comment: Folks, we live in a world

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Folks, we live in a world

Folks, we live in a world where corporations, led by the big banks, have continued to pervert our systems of government for well over a century. The courts don't work, because trials take too long, are too costly and don't start with the basic theory that the government should have to prove what it is doing is constitutional by enumerated power, not be a general statement of principle, such as the general welfare clause, which all it does is justify giving the enumerated power over to the feds.

We have a political system that is bought and paid for by the corporations, which also control information through owning most of the significant media avenues of this country. Let's also remember many judges themselves are politicans and are thus tainted. It has come to a point that when Monsanto's poison gets spread through cross-pollenation, that they can successfully sue those who did not want their poison and win, rather than being forced to pay damages.

Folks it took us awhile to get to this point, and it is going to take us awhile to get this unraveled and to restore the Republic. In the meantime, we need to abide by principles of freedom, such as people having proper information to make decisions. Ron Paul himself will keep social security, medicare and other government programs around for awhile, because it is the right thing to do. To throw everything off all at once would shock the system and plunge us into a deep depression, where we would be blamed for the problems, not what causes them.

The purists need to understand that this is not a system we built and that to further the freedom of information, etc. that we may sometimes have to work within the system to do so until we can get this big ball unraveled. I also find it interesting they would go along with compromises Ron Paul did but will not listen to others who propose compromise to advance the ball for our side, like Ron Paul's do, because Ron Paul didn't propose it. Folks, this movement is about more than one person. He is the grandfather of the movement, but we need many more voices who will advance the ball or we will fail and to hold them to ridiculous purist tests will not allow us to win.