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An American teaching English in Russia is not a Russian!!

My point was that Russians are still permitted a zone of privacy in their homes and on their own property, and in their private lives, i.e., liberty, which is shrinking here in the U.S. We do have far more economic competition here in the U.S. which results in more consumer goods in the stores than Russians experience. We also presently have our own gulag system here in the U.S. Our jails are filled with nonviolent people and taxpayers support the political patronage jobs and contracts which this system creates.

Russians and others in the former Soviet Union usually live in small Soviet apartments or live in little farms in the countryside, which they own so they don't pay mortgages. The government there obstructs free business competition frequently, but it usually leaves people alone otherwise, which was my point. The result is that while poorer, Russians tend to have much individual liberty in their personal lives.

Of course, everyone likes to get paid on time, but having a job and waiting a month to get paid is usually better than not having a job and having no income. We have many unemployed here in the U.S. who might prefer having the promise of getting a paycheck next month to having no such opportunity.

Foreigners teaching English, like your friend, often without proper work visas, are frequently abused throughout the world. If you haven't been to Russia, then perhaps you ought not to comment on the hearsay which you repeat here? (I have been to Russia before and many other places in the world.) Oh, and if you really want to know about life in Russia at present, you might try asking the Russian kids working at fast food restaurants and resorts on cultural exchange visas which take jobs away from Americans.