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I disagree BobW

I think the media has convinced the masses that there are thugs and murderers all around us when in fact, the vast majority of thugs, murderers, and criminals make up the ruling class and those in power. I fear nobody in my day to day life. I know people from all social classes and while some do use drugs deemed illegal by the government...none go around killing people like the government. None go around stealing like the government. MOST people are good people. The media and movies are what keep the masses in fear of their fellow man.

In fact I'd prefer if the Mafia ran our Government. At least the mafia doesn't hide it's motives. Our Government is run exactly like an orgainized crime syndicate but they wrap all their crimes in the American Flag and hide all their secrets by classifing incriminating evidence as "Top Secret" due to "National Security".

Taxes are theft...period!
Killing people to "spread democracy" is murder...period!
Piling trillions of dollars of debt onto the backs of the unborn by counterfeiting is debt slavery...period!

"We the people" are just not that bad. It's our rulers that are psychopathic and it's their behaivor that causes many "normal" people to go insane. They send young men off to kill people that have never done them any harm. They force feed children vaccines and pharmacutical drugs...yeah...some "average" Americans are crazy...but I think the percentage of crazy people is far higher among the ruling classes than it is among most of my fellow freedom lovers.