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No Cover-Up Here!

The History Channel Special Modern Marvels Nikola Tesla - "Mad Electricity"... Has Been Removed from Youtube.

Worldwide Wireless Free Energy, Field Effects, Levitation, Directed Energy Weapons (RF Radio Frequency, EMF Electro-Magnetic), Ronald Reagan Star Wars Program (SDI), HAARP (Patent owned by GWB Sr), Mk-Ultra (Mind Control), Earthquake Machines (Dustification), Weather Modification, Death Rays, Proton Beams, Lasers, AC Power, Radio, X-Ray, Solar, Remote Control, Electric Motors, Robotics, Nucleo Magnetic Spaceships, VTOL Aircraft, Neon Lighting, Modern Computer (Logic Gates), the "Ether", "Faster-than Light", Tunguska 1908 ... Patented or Invented by Nikola Tesla 100 Yrs Ago!

Veterans Today presented a story of the Death Bed confession of "Otto Skorzeny" the German Spy who admitted, along with a "George Herbert Walker Sherff Sr", in 1943 assasinated Tesla.

What are the "Secret Plans" to Destroy the Death Star in the movie Star Wars?

Tesla's Patents! When you know how a weapon works, you know how to destroy it!