Comment: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

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2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Yes, organized things do disintegrate into chaos. Ask any tree fallen in a forest and rotting (disintegrating) back to the elements that gave it birth. But wait - that is only half the tree's life cycle. It first sprouted from a tiny seed then over time assimilated to itself elements from the earth and sky to build for itself a mighty trunk with branches and leaves. In this process it spawns new seeds that went on to reproduce itself - endlessly.

The above is a word picture wherein the first half is described by the dogma and doctrine of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics but what about the second half? The death and disintegration of the tree is covered by the mighty 2nd Law of Thermodynamics but what about the other half of the tree's life cycle? What law describes how the seed births, assimilates to itself to create that which later dies and disintegrates? Are we to base our universe view on only one half of a complete cycle? There is another law but it is not as popularly recognized for its existence and importance. This law is called the Law of Assimilation which describes the assimilating dynamics of Life and growth.

Free energy devices will make use the the Law of Assimilation (accumulating energy) more so than it gives up energy to chaos.