Comment: Oh noes lol.

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Oh noes lol.

I have seen countless perpetual motion devices online. They seem to go forever because they minimize friction in a magnetic field or a vacuum to reduce resistance. If you could indeed create a perpetual device that is only half the battle. These devices if perfect will create a net energy of 0. What you put in is what you get out, it just stores the energy in a visible way that makes you go cool!. whatever the case, as soon as you put a load on the object it will slow and stop. Now if you could create a huge gravity field until atoms start to fuse now your talking. Just look at the Sun!! Its a careful orchestration of HUGE explosions ready to tear itself apart only to be kept in balance by its own massive gravity. Unfortunately we are not that advanced yet, as Michio Kaku puts it, a class 3 civiliation can harness the power of the galaxy, a class 2 civiliation can harness the power of the sun, a class 1 the Earth.. And we are not even at 1 yet :((. Keep dreaming.. and I mean that in a good way! as Einstein said "Imagination is greater than knowledge".