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Yes we can,

because he IS running against and competing with Ron Paul, supportive of him or not.

Lets just say 29% favorable rating of obama and romney POLLS in november

31% want to write in Ron Paul

3% see GJ and say, oh, well hes almost as good as ron paul, hes been very supportive of him, ill vote for him instead.

Ron Paul ends up with 28% instead of 31% and Obama or Romney win the nomination.

Totals end up looking something like:
29% Obama (+1person over Romney) winner!
8% GJ (3% of Pauls original supporters)
6% went to all other candidates in this hypothetical

and Gary Johnson who supported Ron Paul, just pulled votes away from him, so dont give me crap about he isnt running against him because he is.

This is completely made up, but there is no circumstance in which GJ is NOT running against him.